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Miguel Hernández Urbán: Miguel Hernández Urbán (born 1936) is a Mexican painter and sculptor noted for his monumental works in stainless steel. He trained as a sculptor at the
Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin: and research about the painter. The foundation sponsored an exhibit of his work in the United States in 2011. Hernández Xochitiotzin’s most important
José Hernández Delgadillo: José Hernández Delgadillo (1927 – December 26, 2000) was a Mexican painter and muralist best known for carrying on the traditions of Mexican muralism
1932 in art: 1857) October 23 – Daniel Hernández Morillo, Peruvian painter (b. 1856) November 30 – Gari Melchers, American naturalist painter (b. 1860) December 8
Arturo Estrada Hernández: Arturo Estrada Hernández (born July 30, 1925) is a Mexican painter, one of a group of Frida Kahlo’s students called “Los Fridos.” Estrada is mostly known
Idle Woman: Woman (Spanish: La Perezosa) is a genre painting completed in oil on canvas by Peruvian painter Daniel Hernández Morillo in 1906. This 70-by-105-centimetre
Nicolás Moreno (artist): like many at the time, considered landscape painting a minor genre which temporarily discouraged the painter. One of his later professors, Luis Sahuagún
Enrique Echeverría: path. Later he studied with Spanish painter Arturo Souto and spent ten years experimenting various genres of painting under him. In 1952, he received a
Rufino Tamayo: Mexican painter of Zapotec heritage, born in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico. Tamayo was active in the mid-20th century in Mexico and New York, painting figurative
Carlos Nakatani: Carlos Nakatani (Mexico City 1934 – Mexico City February 2, 2004) was a painter, sculpture, cinematographer and writer, the son of a Japanese immigrant

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