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Charles-André van Loo: Carle or Charles-André van Loo (15 February 1705 – 15 July 1765) was a French subject painter, son of the painter Louis-Abraham van Loo, a younger brother
Louis-Michel van Loo: 1725. With his uncle, the painter Charles-André van Loo, he went to Rome in 1727–1732, and in 1736 he became court painter to Philip V of Spain at Madrid
Jean-Baptiste van Loo: Jean-Baptiste van Loo (14 January 1684 – 19 December 1745) was a French subject and portrait painter. He was born in Aix-en-Provence, and was instructed
Jacob van Loo: including the painters Jean van Loo and his better known brother Louis-Abraham van Loo. Their grandsons, Jean-Baptiste van Loo and Charles-André van Loo were among
List of French artists: painter, engraver Maurice Quentin de La Tour (1704–1788) painter Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (1704–1778) painter, sculptor Charles-André van Loo (Carle Van
Rococo: Loo (1707–1771) and Charles-Amédée-Philippe van Loo (1719–1795), his younger brother Charles-André van Loo (1705–1765), and Nicolas Lancret (1690–1743)
1712 in art: designed by Johann Neudecker and the stuccoist Giovanni Battista Artari, is dedicated by Prince-Abbot Adalbert von Schleifras. Charles-André van Loo travels
Loo (surname): Charles-André van Loo (1705–1765), French subject painter Jean-Baptiste van Loo (1684–1745), French subject and portrait painter Louis-Michel van Loo
Louis Quinze: van Loo family: Jean-Baptiste van Loo, Louis Michel van Loo, Charles-Amédée-Philippe van Loo, and Charles André van Loo. Madame de Pompadour, the king's
Louis-Abraham van Loo: father to the painters Jean-Baptiste van Loo and Charles-André van Loo (known as Carle van Loo.) The majority of Louis-Abraham’s paintings were of religious

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